Green Mountain Boys Battle Flag patch v2

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The Green Mountain Boys (GMBs) were a militia unit founded in the 1760s in what is now the state of Vermont.  Led by none other than Ethan Allen, the GMBs fought in several battles of the American Revolution.  In May of 1775, the GMBs captured Fort Ticonderoga and looted it of arms and alcohol (drinking the alcohol, and sending the arms to Boston).  Then in August of 1777, the GMBs, led by COL Seth Warner, supported the rebel forces of General John Starke at the Battle of Bennington.  The rebel patriots decisively defeated the British, reducing the British army by nearly 1000 men.  The American victory galvanized colonial support for independence, and helped secure French support for the patriots.  

We have faithfully recreated the Green Mountain Boys Battle Flag carried by the Green Mountain Boys at the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and the Battle of Bennington.  Designed as a battle flag and following the current military convention of wearing the colors on the right shoulder, the reverse side of the Green Mountain Boys Battle Flag has been faithfully recreated on this patch.

  • 3"x 2"
  • 100% Embroidered
  • Velcro® Backed

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