Cowpens Battle Flag Patch

$ 9.50

Heres the skinny--if you look into the history of this epic flag, you're going to find that it has gone through some validation issues by historians.  Bottom line is this: General Daniel Morgan (probably related to yours truly (Randy Morgan--Titan Strategic co-owner) because we think a like--just saying) is straight up an American badass. Historians report that General Morgan flew this battle flag without permission from the Army.  Why? Because 'Merica! He then went on to crush the British by executing one of the finest double envelopment maneuvers ever seen in modern warfare. Then, the best part: as the British forces approached, the Americans, with their backs turned to the British, reloaded their muskets. When the British got too close, they turned and fired at point-blank range in their faces while screaming "'Merica!!" In less than an hour General Morgan and his forces annihilated the British.  All of this resulted in the Cowpens Flag having a metric butt ton of bullet holes and the coined phrase "'Merica" was born.

Designed as a battle flag and following the current military convention of wearing the colors on the right shoulder, the reverse side of the Cowpens Battle Flag has been faithfully recreated on this patch.

  • 3"x 2"
  • Embroidered
  • Velcro Backed



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